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Picture Yourself with your new E-Bike - I did!

Hi - I'm Wanda Williams and here I am with my newest electric bicycle. Even if you're like I was and haven't ridden a bike in years, you will love your new e-bike.  Ride faster and farther, and have more FUN than ever!  It works for me, and it will work for you too.

Experience your local community from a different perspective, ride the trails, or commute to work without having to shower when you get there. Don't worry - you will get a WORKOUT!  Pedal as much as you want, and let the pedal-assist action help you make it back up the hills, or go farther than you have before, or sweat a little less on that commute.

Whether you are an e-bike enthusiast, or a first-time e-bike buyer, the ActiveFunBikes team will help you choose your perfect e-bike. Check us out!

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