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Sharing the hiking / biking trails

Share the trails

HIKERS, don’t misunderstand the use of e-bikes on your trail.  An e-bike is just a bicycle, not a motorcycle. The electric motor on an e-bike is for the rider’s assistance when riding up hills or going farther distances.  It’s not designed or meant for speed. Most e-bike motors are designed to run at maximum speeds of about 15 to 18 miles per hour.  A standard bicycle will go just as fast. E-bikes run on a modest electric motor, not gasoline or other fossil fuels.  An e-bike rider is like any other rider of a standard bicycle.  They should obey all rules and regulations of bicycling.  And they should be courteous of runners and walkers on a trail.  If you have a problem with a bicycle on a trail, it’s the rider you should confront – not the e-bike.  (A vehicle is not at fault in an accident – the driver is the responsible party.) Remember…. An e-bike is just a bicycle, with a little assistance for the rider’s comfort.  If bicycles are allowed on your trail, e-bikes are allowed as well.

RIDERS, it’s a bicycle, not a motorcycle – use it at safe speeds for hiking/biking trails, and follow all the rules of courteous bicycling. Think of your new e-bike the same way you would think of your standard bike. Pedal it, and be mindful of walkers and runners who share the trail with you. Use the quiet electric motor to help you ride up hills, take a break from pedaling when you want it, and give you the confidence to ride farther and ride more. Travel Safely!


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