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Get a great workout!

The exercise benefits of riding an e-bike…

Remember that an electric bike is just a bike with a battery.  You can pedal as much or as little as you want, so a great workout is under your control. It’s true that the motor on your e-bike will help you navigate hills and cover more ground faster.  It is also true that an e-bike, due to the extra equipment, is considerably heavier than a normal bike, so when you are pedaling you are actually getting a more challenging ride than on a regular bike. During the time that you are powering your e-bike with your own energy, you’re getting a very effective core workout. Heck – even when the battery is in use, you are still challenging your core when you steer and balance the e-bike.

So don’t think that your e-bike allows you to cheat on the exercise benefits of biking.  Quite the contrary – an e-bike will give you more control over your bike workout than ever before. It actually increases your opportunities to work out by encouraging you to ride farther and ride more often than you might have done with your old bicycle.

So ride more and get a great workout!

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