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What is an e-bike? Watch this brief video.

Our Mission - Active Fun for Everyone is an online retailer providing competitive prices on electric bikes and two-wheel standing scooters. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly and pleasant experience when you shop our online store by offering great information, and quality products with top-rated customer service. 

Here at, we are into health and vitality at every age, and what could be more fun than staying active by riding bicycles and scooters with your entire family?! Our electric 2-wheel vehicles can help make that active, fun experience a reality for everyone - at every age!

We are based in Blacksburg Virginia, with distribution nationwide via FedEx, UPS, and other priority carriers.

Our parent company, RevGen LLC, has been operating in the eCommerce space since 2016 and has built several reputable establishments online. We have a great team and we strive to offer our customers the best electric bikes and two-wheel standing scooters available, at the most competitive prices.

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 But that's just business. Keep reading for our personal story. 

This is an actual photograph of the owner's family.

Hi, I'm Wanda Williams, owner of  This is an actual picture of my family when my children were younger. We had a lot of fun as a family riding bicycles and playing at the lake. Those kids are adults now, and my husband has suffered with many serious health problems since those days. Eventually the kids' bicycles were sold or donated to charitable causes. My husband and I kept bikes but rarely rode them. 
Then in 2017 we learned about e-bikes. Electric bicycles, or e-bikes are simply bicycles which have a battery. The electric power assists your pedaling to make bike riding easier, more comfortable, and more accessible for riders of all ages and fitness levels.  "Eureka!" we thought. "This is a tool which can help us put some additional exercise into our lives!"
It's true. My husband had to severely limit his most-beloved team and racquet sports due to his health issues, so he wasn't getting much exercise, which only made thing worse for his overall health.  I am relatively healthy, but neither of us could get excited about riding bicycles, becoming exhausted riding up the hills in our beautiful mountainous habitat, and having to walk the bikes back home. With the electronic assistance of the e-bikes, we can ride together again, easily tackling those hills, and remaining confident in our return home. 
Now we are finding students, commuters, sportsmen, and adults of all ages who love these bikes, once they discover them! You see, these products are well-used in Europe and Asia, but are still a fairly new concept here in the U.S. 
So it's our mission to bring the e-bike message to everyone. Leave the car at home a little more.  You can commute actively, minimize your carbon footprint, enjoy a healthier lifestyle and have fun all at the same time!