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Testimonials from Customers of

Here are some testimonials of our online store from verified buyers.


Sheila M - December 26, 2018 

We absolutely love our E-bikes! We both agree they were worth the investment and the cost of the E-bicycles are very affordable. We plan on purchasing the fat tires for riding in sand later this year (2019). We have showed our E-bicycles to others and they absolutely love them as well and tell us they are going to purchase them as well. Hopefully they will! Thank you and we will be in touch.


Josh T - December 18, 2018

I would like to say working with you and your company was great. I was provided with the information I needed to get my client's bike processed which made it easy on our end. Also, I’m glad you were able to get me in touch with the manufacturer to obtain more details of the bike received.

 I hope in the future, we are able to work with your company again.

 Thanks for all your assistance/help.

(Josh purchased an e-bike from us on behalf of his company which provides physical therapy for their clients.)